What Others Say About Me

"I’ve seen so many strengths working with you, but here are two that stand out: (1) You have uncommon language skills and are able to use few words to communicate complex ideas in easily understandable language, and (2) You are careful not to over-commit and you live up to the commitments you make.” ~ R Meyeringh, Suroil, Inc.

“Sharon’s greatest strength is being a business visionary. She can see the 'Big Picture' and knows how to develop the marketing tools to get you there. The webinar script she wrote for me converted beautifully.” ~ C Douthitt, Evergreen Marketing LLC

"Sharon brings a wealth of international professional experience to each and every undertaking she performs. Her integrity, her core values and her down-to-earth approach ensure the success of her endeavors and make her a pleasure to deal with." ~ D Strelkow, Florida's Turnpike Extension

“You have an innate ability to combine practicality with creativity. You’re an effective communicator and can be counted on to get things done.” ~ TG Steigerwald, Steigerwald & Associates

"Gifted with a lot of grey matter, you can learn and master any project or subject on earth that you have decided to tackle." ~ S Varlet, Etel Enfants

"You are an excellent communicator! I always enjoy your posts and emails. You are an advocate for women's financial freedom and I think you have a confident, and truthful, written "voice." ~ K Stalh, AFN Network, Belgium

"I love reading your posts. I have learned so much from you--and you have inspired me to keep going through some really tough times here. Even though we haven't met in person, I know that you are someone I could trust with my questions who wouldn't make me feel small, stupid or like a failure." ~ M Leslie, blog reader

“Your best strength is your ability to verbalize my thoughts. You understand on a mental, emotional and spiritual level the message I’m trying to convey.” ~ E Herdani, Life Aspects

"Awwww Sharon, it is sad to see you go from writing [weekly articles on personal finance], but I have always respected your wisdom and your clarity in your decision making, so I know this is what's best for you. I have read many of your articles and have kept them in my back pocket.....some I am attempting to do now, and some I can't wait to do in the near future. All in all, you have been a tremendous inspiration to me and I am sure countless other women here on the worldwide web." ~ V Solomon, blog reader

"Sharon has been instrumental in guiding me to personal freedom in finances and ideas about money. If you are looking for someone with expertise in this area I highly recommend her ..." ~ CJ Gardiner, DS Domination

"You are driven to succeed, but not at the cost of ethics. You want to make sure that everyone is treated fairly." ~ MA Lisenbe, Marigold Bars

"... one of your strengths is listening and discerning before responding to things. So not a "knee jerk reaction" person. You're also very compassionate without enabling." ~ S Hess, Key Visions LLC